Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Green faeces

Green faeces is a term to describe a green coloring or tint in faeces. Green faeces can be normal in some cases, such as in breast-fed infants.
Green faeces can also be caused by taking iron supplements or eating certain foods such as green leafy vegetables. Green faeces can also indicate a problem with food digestion due to a disease, disorder or other abnormal process.

The normal colour of faeces is generally light to dark brown. Faeces gets its color from bile, which is a yellow-green fluid produced in the liver that helps to digest your food. As food passes through your digestive tract, digestive enzymes break down the bile, resulting in various shades of brown faeces. When a disease or condition causes diarrhea, food passes through the digestive tract rapidly, and faeces may be green because digestive enzymes did not have time to turn the faeces brown.

Green faeces may be accompanied by other symptoms, which vary depending on the underlying disease, disorder or condition.

Green faeces can occur due to a normal or benign condition and not be a cause for concern. For example, you may produce green faeces after consuming certain iron-rich foods or iron supplements, leafy green vegetables, or products with green food coloring.

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